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By targeting different pressure points with the use of the Theralse Laser we are able to suppress the physical addiction to nicotine.

Insight into what goes on before and during the procedure.

When the pulsating light of the laser stimulates the auricular (ear) pressure point and other targeted acupuncture points the body releases a combination of neurotransmitters (endorphins, serotonins, and dopamine). With endorphin levels that normally crash when you're trying to quit smoking elevated from the laser treatment, cravings become curbed.

Stimulation of the auricular pressure point also changes taste thresholds or the perceived taste of tobacco. The taste of smoke generally becomes less desirable and even objectionable, lowering the overall desire to continue smoking. Within 24 hours, your sense of taste and smell will change so you won't want another cigarette and the nicotine will be cleared from your lungs.

The actual treatment itself takes one hour which is paired with an informational consultation addressing the physical and psychological aspects of your addiction. You should allow approximately two hours for your appointment.

You should not have any cravings once the treatment is complete. In rare cases 1 or 2 follow-up treatments may be required.

What problem areas and afflictions does it treat?

Generally only one visit is all that is required to completely alleviate the addiction to smoking, which can lead to serious afflictions. IMD Laser Clinic provides counseling in conjuncture with treatment to help deal with the addiction.

For Your Information

We have a 90% success rate after only 1 visit, the results are immediate! The effects of the laser will last for 4-6 months. Generally only one visit is all that is required to completely alleviate the addiction.

Receive group rates when you bring friends and family to help them quit smoking.

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