spider vein removal

A non-invasive laser system treatment specially developed for unwanted, unpleasant spider and blue veins, strawberry moles, Rosacea and Telangiectasia. The process removes fine and large thread veins quickly and effectively.

During the procedure the instruments hand piece, which has a gold plated copper cooling head for 10 times more thermal conductivity than the more common sapphire window passes over the affected area. A unique microsecond 1064 nm wavelength laser penetrates into the skin reducing and eliminating the appearance of tiny superficial face veins and deeper blue leg veins.

Most clients experience a stinging sensation as the pulses of energy are delivered through the hand piece.

This Vein Therapy treatment requires no anesthesia or pain medication.

Afterwards you may notice slight reddening and local swelling of the skin. These effects typically last from a few days to a few weeks depending on your case, skin sincerity, age, structure of the vein, iron storage in the blood fluid and so on. More details will be provided after we assess your skin and medical history.

spider vein removal

You can resume normal activities immediately following a treatment. Please make sure let your therapist knows about your personal life activities, type of work, any trip plan and your medication as this can affect the results.

Thread veins, often known as spider veins or dermal flares are fine veins that are extremely common and sometimes embarrassing. They mostly affect the face, body, legs and have been known to appear on more sensitive areas of the body.

Two to five sessions is usually all it takes to complete the procedure. The duration of each vein therapy is from a couple of minutes to two hours depending on the size on the area.

Most treatments are scheduled four weeks apart. In some cases we might expand on the rest period to six weeks apart. You will see your improvement within two to six weeks of treatment. However, your final results may not be noticeable for several months.

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Before & After Vein Therapy

Before spider vein removal
Woman's inside thigh Before the treatment
Immediately after spider vein removal
Woman's inside thigh immediately after the treatment
20 minutes after spider vein removal
Woman's inside thigh 20 minutes after the treatment
spider vein removal Female Knee
Female Knee
spider vein removal Female Face (36 weeks)
Female Face (36 weeks)
spider vein removal Female Leg (3 treatments)
Female Leg (3 treatments)
spider vein removal Female Leg (3 treatments)
Female Leg (3 treatments)
spider vein removal Male Leg
Male Leg
spider vein removal Male Nose
Male Nose

FAQ about Vein Therapy


    • Newly pregnant
    • Patients with epilepsy
    • Patients on chemotherapy
    • Patients on acne medication (treatment can begin after being off the medication for 6 months)


    Laser cannot do any harm, since the laser only penetrates through the skin to the depth of hair, however it is preferred to not do laser treatments on pregnant women.


    Every patient has a different pain tolerance. The first treatment is often more uncomfortable because that is when you have the most amount of hair. Applying an anesthetic cream before your treatment and wrapping the area with cling wrap should help with the pain. Cooling gel and cool area is used to keep the skin cool making the treatment more comfortable.


    • We offer a full range of reliable Toronto cosmetic clinic services.
    • We use the most advanced and safest laser aesthetics services.
    • We take time to understand our client's needs & concerns.
    • Our staff is exceptionally skilled medical professionals
    • We value your feedback & tailor treatment to your need.

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Video about Spider Vein Removal Therapy

Reviews about Vein Therapy

"IMD Laser is a friendly and professional environment where you can be confident about the treatments that you receive. Educated and caring staff makes you feel more comfortable and relaxed during your treatment.
I strongly recommend IMD Laser Clinic to my friends and family"

Sincerely, Ava.F

Dear Isabelle,

I would like to recommend your services to everyone. I lacked confidence in myself before your treatments and now regained it. I feel more positive and proud of my appearance. Finally, I want to let people know that you are an approachable professional with much gratitude.

Sincerely, Sepas

I just wanted to take some time to let you know how happy l am with the service I have received from everyone at IMD Laser Clinic. Everyone is very welcoming, professional, and knowledgeable and that is something that I was looking for in a clinic. I have only had 4 treatments on parts of my face and body and I am already so happy with the results. I have referred people to this clinic and plan to refer any one that asks where the best laser clinic is.

Thank you so much for your quality service,


Vein Therapy Price List


This Month's Special

Spider vein removal: Nose $300 $490
Spider vein removal: Cheeks & Nose labia $350 $690
Spider vein removal: Cheeks, Nose & Chin $700 $890
Spider/Varicose vein removal large area full legs $600 & up $900 & up
Blue Veins Removal based on assessment BASED ON ASSESSMENT CUSTOMIZED
Strawberry moles, Cherry Angioma 1 time $29 ea Special $13 ea
Spider Veins and Broken Capillaries by the area:   2x1 inch area $275 4x1 inch area $499 6x1 area $699
Cherry Angioma or Strawberry moles in Packages: 5 Angiomas $275 10 Angiomas $499 15 Angiomas $699

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