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Hi Al! Here's my testimonial I'd like to share with you about your clinic, see you next week!: "I've had several sessions of laser hair removal at IMD and the results are fantastic! I have medium coloured skin and coarse hair and I chose IMD because they use the ND:YAG, the best in the market suited for my hair and skin type. They take care at regulary maintaining their machines and always maintain a hygenic office. Their staff is well experienced and very well trained in the industry (this is CRUCIAL when dealing with these machines!). Customer service is beyond standard! Everytime I walk in I am greeted with a smile and Al always goes above and beyond to offer the best service for me. Anna does my treatments and she is amazing at what she does! IMD serves QUALITY. Thanks to all the staff there for a wonderful experience everytime!


"IMD Laser is a friendly and professional environment where you can be confident about the treatments that you receive. Educated and caring staff makes you feel more comfortable and relaxed during your treatment.
I strongly recommend IMD Laser Clinic to my friends and family"

Sincerely, Ava.F

"I had been to a couple of places before coming to Isabelle and was very unhappy with the results. I have almost finished my treatment with Isabelle and I must say that I am so pleased and excited with the results that I would recommend anyone to her. She is very professional, extremely knowledgeable and she listens to her client's needs."
Thank you Isabelle.

Olga T

Dear Isabelle,

I would like to recommend your services to everyone. I lacked confidence in myself before your treatments and now regained it. I feel more positive and proud of my appearance. Finally, I want to let people know that you are an approachable professional with much gratitude.

Sincerely, Sepas

I just wanted to take some time to let you know how happy l am with the service I have received from everyone at IMD Laser Clinic. Everyone is very welcoming, professional, and knowledgeable and that is something that I was looking for in a clinic. I have only had 4 treatments on parts of my face and body and I am already so happy with the results. I have referred people to this clinic and plan to refer any one that asks where the best laser clinic is.

Thank you so much for your quality service,


I would like to thank the staff at IMD Laser Clinic for their professionalism, hospitality and, of course, the incredible results. Prior to choosing my laser specialists I consulted with several clinics. None where as informative as Isabella. Every appointment was preceded with a friendly reminder and a courtesy call. My principal technician, Rosa, was wonderful and very thorough with her work. I would strongly recommend IMD to anyone.

Thank you, Elena

IMD Laser Clinic is clean, very well organized and welcoming. I appreciated their customer service calls and their willingness to answer any of my questions or concerns. I always felt very well taken care of, as their professionalism and knowledge of my specific needs where always at the forefront of their work. I have and will continue to recommend IMD Laser Clinic to anyone; you will be amazed by the results and very comfortable within their environment.

Sincerely, DG

Dear Isabella,

Thank you so much for everything you have done for me! You are really kind and nice to me. I appreciate that the treatments make me much more confident as well as happier in the summer or even in the winter.
The treatments work well for me. It is worth! Thank you for chatting with me in the treatment, that makes things even easier. Thank you!

Christine Givo

To Isabelle.

Just a quick note to say thanks for all your hard work and excellent service. I am pleased with the results. All the best to you in the future!

Sincerely, Angela Hayward


Just do say Thank You for not only providing me with a great treatment, but also for being a friend. Thanks again, and good luck in your new job.

Ela Polan

Dear Isabelle,

Just a little something to say thank you for always being so sweet to me. I know I’ve been a tough cookie to crack, and one that’s actually not so tough. So thank you for putting up with me!

Sincerely, Jennifer

Dear Mrs. Isabelle,

Thank you very much for helping me. There is nothing that could show my gratitude. This is a small token of my appreciation. Thank you again for everything.



I wanted to thank you for your skill and attentiveness to your profession. I’ve always felt well informed and encouraged through this process. I am thrilled with the results, and it really does make a difference in someone’s life. Once again Isabelle, thank you, and others at IMD, who have provided such excellent service.

Thank you so much,


Laser Hair Removal

IMD Laser Clinic is great. Excellent, professional service provided by a very knowledgeable staff. The technology and the results you get are close to none, I have personally used 2 other laser clinics. Highly recommended, great value.

Iva M, Toronto, ON Sept 14, 2011

Dear Isabelle,

Thank you for the Laser Hair Removal treatment that I have received from you. I have done 6 treatments on my inner thigh area and under arms and have found the results satisfying. This is the best thing I have ever done for myself. I also want to thank you for taking your time with me and for being concerned in any problems that I might have had with the treatment. Thankfully there were no concerns to be worried about. I have been to a few other places and haven't been treated as fair as I have been treated in your office.
I can honestly say that I've gotten my money's worth. Thank you again for being GREAT

Sincerely, Amanda Sullivan

I would like to share my experience with Isabelle Dastranj.

In the past 7 years I have been very fortunate enough to have Isabelle help me with my permanent hair removal solutions and laser facial therapy. Isabelle and I started out relationship when I became her client for electrolysis. She also helped me with permanent hair removal with laser therapy on various parts of my body. Isabelle has helped me to undo the skin damage done by years of excess exposure to the sun through Skin Rejuvenation. I have always found Isabelle honest and very professional. I have confidence in her knowledge regarding various treatments. I have always had very positive results with my treatments. I have no hesitation in recommending Isabelle and her clinic to others.

Sincerely, Jeanette deLevie

I would like to take a moment and share with you my experience with Isabelle Dastranj. In the past 3 years, Isabelle has helped me with permanent hair removal solutions on different parts of my face and body. Isabelle has been very pleasant, patient and professional with me. I am also very pleased with the results of her work. Her methods have proven to be very effective. I strongly recommend Isabelle Dastranj to her potential clients. In addition, I would like to thank Isabelle for her excellent consultation and work.

Sincerely, Serge M

To Whom It May Concern,

I would like to take a moment and share with you my experience with IMD Laser Clinic. IMD Laser Clinic has a very friendly and professional environment. IMD follows-up every treatment. I feel more confident and happy after my hair removal treat (Laser Hair Removal).
Thanks to Isabelle, Rose and the whole IMD Team.


The laser treatment (Laser Hair Removal treatment) I had at IMD Laser Clinic was quick, painless and affordable. The staff was very welcoming and they made me feel very comfortable during my treatment. I would recommend IMD Laser Clinic to anyone!

Thank you, Wendy

I was referred to 1MD Laser Clinic by my cousin. She was very happy with her bikini laser (Laser Hair Removal treatment) and highly recommended I see Isabelle.
I have gone for 5 treatments now and see no hair under my arms after 4 visits and only a few in my bikini area. I am so happy with the results.
It is wonderful to be able to come in for a few visits and not to have to think about this any more. It is so worth it!
Thank you Isabelle, it has been a pleasure. I really appreciate the way you made me feel comfortable.

Thank you, S. Herman

Dear Isabelle,

I wanted to write earlier, but the last couple of weeks had been in a bit of turmoil since my wife had to have some major surgery done. She's home recuperating now. I wanted to thanks you for your excellent care during my sessions at the clinic. Your friendly professionalism, attitude and expertise made the experience very agreeable. When I first attended to the clinic, I had considerable hair on my back and shoulders. I was always very self-conscious about it and I had wanted to have it removed for years. Your knowledge and confidence in the procedure helped me to decide to proceed with the laser treatment (Laser Hair Removal treatment). I found the treatments caused very little discomfort and the results were outstanding. Today I have very little hair left in those areas and what remains is very fair and fine… it is nearly invisible. I wish I had done this years ago! Anyway, Thanks again, for a very rewarding experience. Anyone I talked to at the clinic was very professional and totally respectful of my privacy. I would have no hesitate in recommending your clinic to others.

Sincerely, Roy Gaudaur

This letter is to evaluate my experience as a client of IMD Laser Clinic. Treatment involved laser hair removal of my facial hair (Laser Hair Removal treatment). Before treatment my facial hair grew very sparsely and unevenly in patches, especially under the neck. The hairs themselves were very thick and course. Shaving resulted in patchy dark stubble. My Sole reason for treatment was purely cosmetic. My initial appointment was very positive. Isabelle's credentials were quite impressive and she was very Professional in clarifying my expectations and describing the technology. Her honesty and friendliness convinced me that I need not look any further. With my busy schedule, the telephone reminders several days before any appointment were well appreciated. The treatments themselves were aggressive and did involve a tolerable degree of pain. Treatment (Laser Hair Removal treatment) was fast and I always felt I was in good experienced hands. The results were as good I can expect. The areas under the chin responded to treatment the best. All the hairs there were either removed or softened considerably. The sides of the jaws were also equally successful. The lower corners of the lips adjacent the chin still had quite a few hard hairs. My moustache area also had a few remaining hard hairs but most of the hairs were reduced or softened. My chin still had many patchy hard hairs, this area seem to react the least to treatment. Overall thought, the net effect was dramatic, 75% of the hairs were either removed or softened Considerably. I still need to shave but when I do the results are such that I appear to no longer have any facial hair. To conclude, my experience with IMD Laser Clinic and the results of treatment are all very favorable. I would highly recommend their services to anyone.

Regards, Sydney Cheang

IMD Laser Clinic was the perfect solution for my needs. With great enthusiasm for their work, they have the highest quality professional laser services (Laser Hair Removal treatment) at a price, which I could afford. Not only was it such a joy to be their client, they also made the treatments quicker and easier than I anticipated. My treatments had resulted in the exact look and feel of the type of skin that I have always longed for. IMD Laser Clinic have also incorporated cutting edge technology which enhanced the effectiveness of my treatments. I was thoroughly impressed with how quickly they got rid of my hair. They met all of my requests and needs fester than the time frame they quoted me. A rare occurrence with most Laser Clinics today. I love my new skin and I am happy I chose IMD! How can you go wrong?


Dear Staff and management of IMD Laser Clinic

This is to expand my many thanks and appreciation to all the knowledgeable staff for their professionalism and hard work in order to best service the clients like me. During the months of laser sessions (Laser Hair Removal treatment) on my neck, I received nothing but caring one on one consultation and expert treatment by Isabelle Dastranj. She personally made sure of customizing the solution in order to better suit my needs.
Being involved in many outdoor activities and sports, I can already feel the tremendous difference this has made in my life. It is sometimes interesting how I was unsure and contemplating whether I wanted to go ahead and get treated (Laser Hair Removal treatment). But now, after seeing the final results, I would recommend it to anyone that is considering it. The name IMD resembles professionalism and expert service to me.

Sincerely, Ali Darbani

Dear Isabelle,

Thank you so much for a wonderful job (Laser Hair Removal treatment); Isabelle I really enjoyed your kind personality. Thanks to you I don’t have to bother anymore with razors and painful waxing.

God bless you all, Martina

I am very pleased with the results of my skin rejuvenation. New technology coupled with Isabelle's expertise made for a wonderful experience. My skin rejuenation results were more wonderful than I had anticipated.

Sincerely, Nancy L

I first met Isabelle when I went to IMD Laser for a consultation for Scar Reduction on my leg. It was quite unsightly and made me feel very self-conscious. She was very honest and open with me regarding what she could do to reduce the scar and what my expectations were. I really felt comfortable with her so I decided to go ahead with the treatment. After the first treatment I could see a significant difference! After about 3 treatments I saw that the scar had been reduced quite significantly and I was quite impressed with the results. I was so impressed that I decided to do laser hair removal at IMD Laser as well. I have been with IMD Laser for about a year now and I am continually amazed with my results, their professionalism and how accommodating and courteous they are.

Sincerely, Denise

Dear Isabelle,

The laser treatment I had at IMD Laser Clinic was quick, painless and affordable. The staff was very welcoming and they made me feel very comfortable during my treatment. I would recommend IMD Laser Clinic to anyone!


Dear Isabelle,

My cheeks appeared normal in the mirror today, as they have since completion of treatments at your Clinic. After several years of suffering from facial rosacea, my family begged me to do something to reduce the splotchy redness that covered both cheeks. As a typical male, I believed it would go away on its own or with a little help. No matter how long, or what I tried, nothing improved it. Even a prescription from my family doctor specifically targeting rosacea was futile. Finally, my daughter told me about the wonderful results she had with your services. After an evaluation and a few treatments (Laser Skin Rejuvenation and Elos PhotoFacial treatment) at IMD, the redness faded to the point the condition simply looks like healthy, normal cheeks, rather than the deep and persistent discoloration I had pre-IMD! You have pleased both my family and myself.

Thank you! John L.

Dear Isabelle,

I am writing this letter to thank you for your electrolysis service (Electrolysis Treatment in Toronto) and particular to thank to Isabella for a job well done. I was somewhat apprehensive at first about going for electrolysis for my neck and back. This is where Isabelle was very understanding and reassuring. She explained the procedure truthfully and left me to decide without pressure what course of action that I wanted to take. It was Isabelle's optimism and sincerity, which assisted in my decision to go ahead with electrolysis. During my many visits I had repetitive routine that was made much easier by Isabelle; she was always friendly and very courteous. I even looked forward to my weekly visits to be able to chat with her. I will recommend your service in the future to others and I want to complement Isabelle to you as an excellent specialist. May you have continued success in the future.

Sincerely, Mark

I first met Isabella when I went into IMD Laser for a consultation for Scar Reduction on my leg; it was quite unsightly and made me very self-conscious. She was very honest and open with me regarding what she could do to reduce the scar and what my expectations were. I really felt comfortable with her so I decided to go ahead with the treatment (Laser Scar Reduction treatment), after the first treatment I could see a significant difference. After about 3 treatments I saw that the Scar bad been reduced quite significantly and I was quite impressed with my results, I was so impressed that I decided to do laser hair removal at IMD Laser Clinic as well. I have been with IMD Laser now for about one year and I am continually amazed with my results, their professionalism and how accommodating and courteous they are.

Sincerely, Denise

To whom it may concern

I was going to do my wax at the clinic that Isabelle operates. My financial situation was not allowed me to do laser. Isabelle advised me if I do laser actually in long runs would be a saving for me. I realized Isabelle suggestion it make sense; therefore after a few wax treatments I decided to do laser. By today I had my 9th treatment of Laser (Laser Hair Removal treatment) and I am complete satisfy. I wish I listened to her sooner. The confidence I have now is great and I recommend Isabelle to every one.

Sincerely, Anna

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